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ITIL will change your service management for the better

ITIL is intentionally composed of a common sense approach to service management – do what works.

And what works is adapting a common framework of practices that unite all areas of IT service provision toward a single aim – delivering value to the business.

The following list defines the key characteristics of ITIL that contribute to its global success:

  • Non-proprietary – ITIL service management practices are applicable in any IT organization because they are not based on any particular technology platform, or industry type. ITIL is owned by the UK government and not tied to any commercial proprietary practice or solution
  • Non-prescriptive – ITIL offers robust, mature and time-tested practices that have applicability to all types of service organizations. It continues to be useful and relevant in public and private sectors, internal and external service providers, small, medium and large enterprise, and within any technical environment
  • Best practice – ITIL service management practices represent the learning experiences and thought leadership of the world’s best in class service providers
  • Good practice – Not every practice in ITIL can be considered ‘best practice’, and for good reason. For many, a blend of common, good and best practices are what give meaning and achievability to ITSM. In some respects, best practices are the flavour of the day. All best practices become common practices over time, being replaced by new best practices.

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